Alexander Pushkin at the seashore



by Leonid Pasternak

“I Don’t Deplore the Years…”
I don’t deplore the years of my spring,
Where dreams and life were never in connection,
I don’t deplore the nights’ mysterious ring,
Sang by a lyre in a fiery passion.

I don’t deplore the false and faithless friends,
The wreaths of feasts, the bowls of the parties,
I don’t deplore the beautiful adulteries –
A thoughtful stranger, I avoid these trends.

But where’s the time of gentle inclination,
Of hearty silence and young hopes’ strings?
Where are the flame and tears of inspiration?
Come back again, the years of my spring!

Aleksandr Pushkin


by Charles Nevols

‘Just go with the flow…Keep learning and experimenting, that is really all we can do…Listen to the criticism, but be aware from where it comes…Tastes are so very different…Choose the best subjects, work in harmony with them…Be honest, if you do not like something, state it…On the other hand, it would would be wonderful to co-evolve, subject with the object, to experiment over time without all the other constraints, time and money and space…Study the masters, master photoshop, layers upon layers! long as the eyes see, the ears hear, the nose smells and the tongue tastes…But above all, feel…’

….not my words, his….though I fully approve this message 🙂