Goddess Kannon appearing before prince Shotoku


by Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1864)
Series  Tales of the wonders of the goddess Kannon. 1859

Prince Shōtoku (聖徳太子 Shōtoku Taishi, February 7, 572 – April 8, 622), also known as Prince Umayado (厩戸皇子Umayado no ōji) or Prince Kamitsumiya (上宮皇子Kamitsumiya no ōji), was a semi-legendary regent and a politician of the Asuka period in Japan who served under Empress Suiko. He was the son of Emperor Yōmei and his consort, Princess Anahobe no Hashihito, who was also Yōmei’s younger half-sister. His parents were relatives of the ruling Soga clan and he was involved in the defeat of the rival Mononobe clan. The primary source of the life and accomplishments of Prince Shōtoku comes from the Nihon Shoki

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Amphitrite – Underwater Goddess

Director Damien Krisl had the creative vision to visualize a deity. Beauty, weightlessness, mystery and art were key aspects of the concept. The objective was to mix the elements of fire and water.
It was intended to create strong contrasts. On one side the deity had to have the beauty, femininity and delicacy of a seahorse and on the other side the strength and evilness of a dragon.

In ancient Greek mythology, Amphitrite was a sea-goddess and wife of Poseidon. Under the influence of the Olympian pantheon, she became merely the consort of Poseidon, and was further diminished by poets to a symbolic representation of the sea. The clip shows the invocation of the goddess.


This is truly amazing, stunning…..blown away

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The Virgin Goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals. She is mother Earth and the protector of nature itself. She was and is a very possessive God and would protect her sacred animals with ferocity. She has always been associated with chastity and was granted eternal ‘virginity and is known to be protective of her purity and virtue. When I look about our small blue world and see the rape and destruction we as a species commit everyday ..polluted waters and air and earth and the desecration we do to other species that share this world with us …I think of Artemis and her coming wrath.’

Ray Caesar