Give Me Back The Nights


by DJ Shadow

Words by C.E. Rabinowitz

Give me back the nights
Give me back the agony of my solitude.
The nights I spend alone, the millions endless, solitary nights, of my life.
Give me back all the people i desired, and never came.
Give me back your love, a love which was never really given.
Give me back the nights.

Give me back the agony of the years of lonely living,
Give me back the thousand rejections of my love,
Give me back the love which i deserved,
Give me back the time, wasted time of energy and beauty of my youth, wasted in the wait and still out in irritation when noting was coming and waiting, the waiting

Give me back the nights and we should have lain together, building a of great temple of our love.
Give me back the nights, the nights, the nights, the nights, the nights, the nights,

The lone, cruel, endless, nights.



by Leslie Ann O’Dell

Leslie Ann O’Dell is a visual artist most known for photo-illustration. O’Dell’s work is comprised of haunting imagery… Ranging from dark imposing landscapes to mystifying portraitures, that evoke sensations of vulnerability, demise and the fear associated with such sentiments. -SHK



Elizaveta Porodina creates horrifying images as she photographs DNA model Larissa with blood-stained arms and evil expressions.

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