Hold My Hand


“Hold My Hand” is the latest offering from Black Dog Films as part of the ongoing creative relationship between them and music producer and DJ James Lavelle.

The film was spontaneous, almost guerrilla like in its conception and execution, done in 24 hours and featuring the phenomenal performance artist Miss Crash, a friend of Lavelle’s.

“We were interested in the power of the performer and her sexuality rather than the titillation of the audience. Observing her and her pre show process, what she puts herself through to prepare for this incredible show, its really intimate. It was great to get a sneaky look behind the curtain at that. To gain access to see her in a way the audience doesn’t. Trying to capture that.”

This is the second video to “Hold My Hand” and was approached as a visual remix of the song.

“We often remix and remaster old records but rarely do we go back and remix videos. Sometimes we get videos wrong but as the visual identity of UNKLE and everything I do is so important I wanted to revist this song and give it a new lease of life”

Directed by
James Copeman, James Lavelle & Ben Newbury

Black Dog/RSA Films

Special Thanks to
Miss Crash
David Nickelson
Aneta Von Cyborg
Sampa Von Cyborg
Alan Pelling
Rich Young
Big Buoy


How he entered


This is how he entered
How he came in
With an open heart and his eyes wide
A rubber in his pocket
Without socks, and a skip in his step
In an ill-fitting suit with something up his sleeve
A slither of a dream, a last gem
And the fear in his eyes of how dear it was held

This is how he entered
How he came in
Falling from the back of a transit van
Crumpled, desperate for relief from the humdrum
Each step a story, a song in the making
Each step cemented the living
The broken hearts left behind
They were just material to him
And how they would come to pursue him
How they would eventually come to drag him back in

This is how he entered
How he came in
With his hair cold he stood in the doorway
Like a lost dog holding his missing poster
Just to be sure – to be sure everyone knew just how lost he was
Telling his story he broke onions and sang songs
The street walkers carol
Soft tissue
The fear of emptiness
Planting holes to grow some money
These were his songs
And this was how he came in

This was how he entered
How he came in
With chips in his pocket
Just waiting for the chance to get into the game
With his head combed and the checks on his shirt just right
He sang of it but knew nothing of it
The house of cards by an open window
Bag of fragments
An unsolvable puzzle
He knew nothing of what you needed from him
He knew nothing of giving
He only knew of his desires
He only knew of that moment

This is how he entered
This is how he came in

This is how he entered
How he came in