7 thoughts on “Crow & Arrow

  1. A serious question – because I want to have the conversation – do you feel at all – because of her positioning, the nudity, no blood, and her gender that this could be viewed as exploitative and maybe a shade too far to be considered tasteful art? Or because of the subtle shag of the carpet, the color of the carpet, the crow, the arrow being a branch rather than straight, and the absence of the archer in the scene that the focus of this is on the female form and perhaps this is art? Why then the arrow at all? What about the arms crossed behind the back? Why no blood? Also why no hair color? Perhaps drained of blood suggesting vampirism – you understand all art should stand up to this amount of scrutiny and more. If it can’t then find better art.

    • Thank you for the message. That’s what art should do, shouldn’t it. Be subjective, objective.

    • Granted not everyone will like everything I post, but this picture moved me enough to post it. Grahovsky does like to produce his subjects with white hair a lot, guess it’s his thing. With the arrow through the heart I get the feeling that this picture is about submission….

      Art should make us ask questions.


      • But she’s dead, and she was posed after death, because no one dies with their hands behind their backs after being shot with an arrow covered in tree branches – so she was posed. Who poses naked corpses? Serial killers. Psychopaths. I am tired of seeing dead, murdered women used as art. This is not about submission – this is about someone murdering a woman and then posing her naked body. Tell me how I am wrong in my analysis.

      • Dead?, you’re point of view. Serial killer? That’s a stretch.
        If anything I think it’s symbolic and not to be taken literally. I’m not into posting pictures of murdered women.

        Well that’s your point of view and your welcome to it.

      • So – let’s really have the discussion. If that were a black woman with an arrow through her slumped over that would be construed entirely different. If that were a child slumped over with an arrow through her that would be obscene. So explain to me the symbolism that does not make a white woman who is naked slumped over with an arrow through her not dead and not obscene? And don’t say “well everyone get’s to have their own opinion so neener neener” that’s not really an opinion – at least not one that anyone over 5 takes seriously. Tell me what you think. Tell my why this isn’t something that should me wince, or groan. Tell me why this doesn’t represent violence toward women. Also explain to me why submission represented with an arrow threw (through?) a woman should be a good way to represent submission? Also why submission using a woman at all? I get the whole psycho-sexual dominant/submissive angle – is that really what your trying to say? And if so, why the arrow? And why the woman? And why the crow? Explain it to me. You put it up – you explain it.

      • No you’re wrong I do not need to explain it. I’m not the artist. It’s not gratuitous it’s not graphic. Why the arrow? why the crow?….I don’t know. The arrow through the heart may suggest a love lost that she has submitted herself to….I don’t know, I’m obviously not clever enough for this discussion. you don’t like it and thats cool but it does not, to me, project violence toward women.

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