Katrin Fridriks

Katrin Fridriks

(from Wikipedia…because i’m lazy)

‘Painter of the abstract, she fuses the natural energies of her native Iceland with an explosive, however organic, abstract expressionism and subtle Japanese calligraphy signs, often filtered through conceptual installations. Through a wide range of works, Katrin Fridriks distils her questions about human life and its future. She explores among others themes the genetic code and human classification, the flux of information in a technology-based context, or the natural resources expressing the consequences of human activities on Earth. Some of her series are constantly reworked, through perspective studies. The architectural dimensions of her abstract paintings shows Fridriks’ interest for large-scale works and compositions of painting, playing with the size, thickness and format of the canvases. Her pictorial process brings her to the enlargement of her drippings, from swings to covering the whole canvas.’




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